Norway photo tour
Northern lights photography in Lofoten Islands
Norway photo tour
Northern lights photography in Lofoten Islands
Norway photo tour
Northern lights photography in Lofoten Islands
Norway photo tour
Northern lights photography in Lofoten Islands
Norway photo tour
Northern lights photography in Lofoten Islands
Norway photo tour
Northern lights photography in Lofoten Islands
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Norway photo tour: Lofoten

Northern lights photo tour in Lofoten Islands

The archipelago is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the world’s third most attractive tourist destination, according to National Geographic.

Have you ever heard of Lofoten? The unusual ringing name covers a special Norwegian archipelago, which is located north of the Arctic Circle between latitude 67 and 68. And while we might rightly think that Lofoten is synonymous with the constant frosty weather, this is not the case with the Gulf Stream.

Photo Tour attractions:

On Earth, here is the largest so-called temperature anomaly, which means that when the mercury strand of the thermometer descends to minus 20 Celsius degrees in the surrounding areas, and polar bears would welcome a warm blanket, the temperature in the Lofoten Islands would be „only” around 0 Celsius degrees.

The 60(!) island of the archipelago is connected by bridges, tunnels and ferry services. The population here, which has a population of about 20,000, lives mainly on cod fishing.

For photography enthusiasts, Lofoten is nothing less than a treasure trove, as the varied landscape has thousands of beauties. The encounter between the fjords and the sea bays is a fascinating sight, and the exaltation of the glaciers in the blink of an eye makes you realize that everything else besides the forces of nature is dwarfed.

In the second half of February – that is, during the tour – we have a good chance of catching one of the world’s most extraordinary celestial phenomena, the elusive polar light.

During our 8-day journey we focus primarily on capturing nature.

The following program only serves as a major drift: we will definitely visit the well-known and runned-in photographic locations, and it may be necessary to modify the itinerary due to the changeable weather here.


3.200 €
Lenght of tour: 8 days


February 06-13. 2025.
6 spots available!


Easy to complete
Recommended skills:
From beginner to pro


Small group
Min 3, Max 6 people
+ two tour guides

The price of the photo tour includes


We can also help you book a flight!


We'll arrange the reservation, including breakfast and dinner!


One camera is enough and you're ready for the trip!


Professional photo tech help and guidance throughout the tour!

The main focus of the tour is on photography, and the program is designed to bring home as many and beautiful photos as possible at the end of the tour.

Tour description: Norway photo tour

Lofoten photo tour: Day 1

Meeting at a hotel near Harstad / Narvik Airport. During the dinner we get to know the participants of the tour.

Lofoten photo tour: Day 2

After breakfast, we depart with spacious, comfortable rental cars (not a minibus) towards our destination. On the way, we shop at a large grocery store for breakfast. During the trip, we stop several times so that our cameras can get acquainted with Norwegian air. We arrive at our headquarters in the evening hours. The next few days we'll take a star-like tour of the island's coastline, as well as the fjords and small fishing villages. Evening dinner at a nearby restaurant. Watching the night sky, if weather conditions are favorable, we can take a pictures of the Northern Light.

Lofoten photo tour: Day 3

At sunrise, we'll be out in the field to take photos in magical light. Then, returning to the accommodation, we'll discuss the scheduled program for the current day during breakfast. We spend the rest of the day on the sandy shores of Fredvang and Skagsanden. After dinner, in a lucky case, we can photograph the Northern Light that turns the night sky green.

Lofoten photo tour: Day 4

Even on this day, we go out to a nearby photo spot in time to experience one of the most beautiful mornings in the world at Norwegian sunrise. Returning to the accommodation, we will have a delicious breakfast prepared there. We spend the rest of the day around Storsandnes and Myrland, practicing camera settings and handling. On this day, our dinner is prepared in a nearby restaurant made from a variety of freshly caught sea treasures. After a delicious meal, we can close the day with a photo of the Northern Light.

Lofoten photo tour: Day 5

By now, we will overtake the sunrise with the usual early awakening to enrich the number of wonderful morning photos in our gallery. Our destination for this day is the area around Haukland and Uttakleiv. Rocky, sandy beaches offer a photo theme on almost every bend. After a warm restaurant dinner, if luck comes with us, we'll take photos of the Aurora Borealis.

Lofoten photo tour: Day 6

At sunrise, we start taking photos at another spectacular location. Then we'll go back to the accommodation, have breakfast and prepare for our day trip. We spend the rest of the day around Sund and Nusfjord. Walking amongst the spectacular „Norwegian red” houses we take photos until we exhaust. After having our fresh dinner, we go to a nearby sandy beach to use the foreground to take polar light landscape photos.

Lofoten photo tour: Day 7

After breakfast we return to the hotel next to Harstad/Narvik Airport. During the trip we stop several times in the beautiful fjords and take photos. In the evening, we’ll have our dinner at a hotel near the airport.

Lofoten photo tour: Day 8

After breakfast at the hotel, we say goodbye to one of the most beautiful islands in sea-scented Norway and head home.

In order to get the best photos possible during the tour, it is sometimes necessary to make sacrifices. There may be unexpected events – weather changes and other environmental factors – that override the planned program. For us, participants’ safety is of the utmost importance: if a program is cancelled or delayed, it will only be to provide the best possible experience.

If, due to an unexpected event, a program cannot be completed at all at the announced time, the tour guide will try to reorganize and regroup the programs.

The most important thing for the organizers is to have fun, but the final decision is theirs and must be followed by all participants.

Good health is a prerequisite for travelling. Serious cardiovascular problems, nervous and mental disorders can be disqualifying factors. Consult your doctor if your personal condition requires it

Would you like to take professional photos too?

Our guides will show you what to do and how to do it. We deal with everyone individually. We adapt to the circumstances. If the weather or the lighting conditions are inadequate, we will return to photographing the subject in the most appropriate conditions. One thing is for sure: thanks to the memory card in our camera (not to mention ours), the memory of travel will be with us forever.

Accommodation during the photographer's tour

The first and last night will be spent at a hotel near Harstad/Narvik Airport in double rooms. The rooms have bathroom, LCD TV, free Wifi. Breakfast and dinner at the hotel’s restaurant.

We spend 5 nights in two completely renovated, cozy Norwegian houses (1 house for 4 people) right on the beach. Each house has 3 bedrooms, a bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen and a living room. The area is beautiful, and the northern lights can literally be photographed from the window. The breakfasts and dinners will be served in a nearby restaurant.

Pictures from the Norway photo tour

Lofoten photo tour guides

Krisztian Kovacs

Tour guide

Krisztián is a professional photographer and entrepreneur with many years of experience in photography. He has been traveling the world for many years to discover and capture as many landscapes as possible. His pictures are internationally recognized and have won awards in several competitions.

Zsolt Szabo

Tour guide

Zsolt is a professional bird and nature photographer. He loves northern countries and beautiful landscapes. He regularly runs photography tours in Lofoten and Iceland. His photos have been successfully featured in several photography competitions.

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