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Madeira photo tour
Volcanic island, photography in Madeira
Madeira photo tour
Volcanic island, photography in Madeira
Madeira photo tour
Volcanic island, photography in Madeira
Madeira photo tour
Volcanic island, photography in Madeira
Madeira photo tour
Volcanic island, photography in Madeira
Madeira photo tour
Volcanic island, photography in Madeira
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Madeira photo tour

Volcanic islands, photography in Madeira

Madeira is an archipelago of two large islands and a number of small islands and islets in the Atlantic Ocean, belonging to Portugal, about 600 km west of Morocco, north of the Canary Islands and east-southeast of the Azores, roughly between 32° and 33° N and 16° and 17° W. Accordingly, the time on the islands is one hour less than in central Europe.

Madeira photo tour Attractions

The island has stunning natural landscapes, beautiful wild landscapes, sparkling waterfalls, dramatic coastline and high mountains. Madeira is not a place for beach lovers, but for nature lovers and especially landscape photographers.

The largest laurel forest in the world, dramatic rock formations, colorful reefs and many other interesting sites make for an unforgettable experience. Madeira is a popular destination and indeed has a number of well-known photography locations. Most of Madeira is still very quiet and undiscovered, making it a very exciting place to visit. It also takes a bit of hiking to get to know the more authentic side of Madeira.

Madeira is a beautiful and fascinating island with some of the most beautiful photo destinations.

During the 6-day trip we will focus on capturing nature. The following itinerary is just the main trail. The spectacular photo spots will be visited, but we may change the itinerary due to the changeable weather.


Mar. 15-20. 2025.
Length of tour: 6 days


2.400 €
6 spots left!


Easy to complete
Photography skills:
Beginner to pro


Small group
Min 3, Max 6 people + two guides

Madeira photo tour price includes


We can also help you book your flight!


We can arrange your accommodation, breakfast and dinner!


Just a camera and you're ready to go!


Quality photographic assistance throughout the tour!

During the tour the main focus is on photography, the program will be designed to ensure that you return home with as many and beautiful photos as possible at the end of the tour.

Madeira photo tour description

Accommodation will be in a 4-star hotel in Ponta do Sol, in double rooms with sea view. Breakfast and dinner will be served at the hotel. As the name suggests, Ponta do Sol is one of the sunniest places on the island, with sunshine almost every day. This, combined with the steep coastline, colorful houses and dynamic sea, makes it a great photographic location. It is also possible to photograph from this location in the opposite direction for a completely different seascape. The island’s coastline rises steeply out of the ocean, providing a magical setting for sunrise and sunset photography. Madeira’s interior offers us photographers lush vegetation, exciting forested areas and misty mornings to plan exciting tours. During the day we can experiment with filters and long shutter speeds.

Madeira photo tour Day 1.

Journey to Madeira, meeting people from other countries at the hotel. Walk around the area, dinner together in the evening, get to know each other, get ready for an early photo shoot the next day.

Madeira photo tour Day 2.

After breakfast, we depart in our comfortable rental cars (no minibus) for our destination. On the way we will buy refreshments and snacks. During the journey we will stop several times to let our cameras get a taste of the fresh air of the island. We will visit the photo points planned for the day and of course we will also take time to relax, especially the high altitude points, which invite us to take a break. In the evening, we arrive at our accommodation, where we enjoy a delicious dinner and reflect on the day's experiences. If the team decides, we are happy to have a photo-op in the quiet evening hours. The following days we will take a star tour of the island's coastline and interior.

Madeira photo tour Day 3.

At sunrise we will be out in the field to photograph in magical light. Back at the hotel, we will have breakfast and discuss the day's activities. The rest of the day will be spent in and around Ribeira Da Janela and Ponta do Poiso. After dinner, we will also capture the night sky. There are also great opportunities for star photography on the island.

Madeira photo tour Day 4.

Again on this day, we'll head out to a photo location in time to experience one of the most beautiful mornings in the world at the Madeira sunrise. Then back to the accommodation, we will have our delicious breakfast. The rest of the day will be spent in the Ruins of St. George and Ponta do Clérigo, practicing camera set-up, image editing and providing technical assistance to the team.

Madeira photo tour Day 5.

By now, we're getting the usual early wake-up call to enrich the number of wonderful morning photos in our gallery. Our destination for this day is the area around Vereda do Fanal. The planned hike here will give us an exciting fairytale-like theme. Time will fly in the atmospheric forest and we will find it hard to stop photographing the scenery. By dinnertime we'll be pleasantly tired and hungry for a delicious meal.

Madeira photo tour Day 6.

At our hotel we will have our excellent breakfast and prepare for the journey home. Before departure, we take a short walk along the beach, pick up some gifts for the family and even have time for a little street photography. We will arrive in Hungary in the late evening.

In order to get the best photos during the tour, sacrifices may have to be made. There may be unexpected situations – weather changes and other environmental factors – which may override the planned programme. For us, the safety of our passengers is paramount. If a programme is canceled or rescheduled, it is only to ensure the best possible experience. We reserve the right to change the programme! The main purpose of our trip is photography. If due to some unforeseen event, a program cannot be completed at all on the date announced, the tour leader will try to reschedule and reschedule the program. Our priority is to make sure you have a good time, but the final decision is ours and is binding for all participants. Good health is a prerequisite for participation in the tour. Serious cardiovascular problems, neurological and mental disorders are excluded. If your personal condition requires it, please consult your doctor.

Want to take professional photos yourself?

Our guides will show you what to do and how to do it. We work with each person individually. We adapt to your circumstances. If the weather or lighting conditions are not right, we will return to photograph your subject in the best conditions. One thing is for sure: thanks to the memory of our camera (not to mention our own), the memory of the trip will stay with us forever.

Madeira photo tour Accommodation

Our accommodation will be in a 4-star hotel in Ponta do Sol. Double rooms with sea view.  Rooms with bathroom, LCD TV, free Wifi. Breakfast and dinner in the hotel restaurant.

Pictures from the Madeira photo tour

Madeira photo tour guides

Krisztian Kovacs

Tour guide

Krisztián is a professional photographer, entrepreneur with many years of experience in photography. He has been traveling the world for several years to discover and capture as many landscapes as possible. His pictures are internationally recognized and have won awards in several competitions.

Zsolt Szabó

Tour guide

Zsolt is a professional bird and nature photographer. He loves the Nordic countries and beautiful landscapes. He regularly leads photography tours in Lofoten and Iceland. His photos have been successful in several photography competitions.

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