Moravia Photo Tour
Sloping hills with endless trails to the sky
Moravia Photo Tour
Sloping hills with endless trails to the sky
Moravia Photo Tour
Sloping hills with endless trails to the sky
Moravia Photo Tour
Sloping hills with endless trails to the sky
Moravia Photo Tour
Sloping hills with endless trails to the sky

Moravia Photo Tour

Photo & Beer Tour, Czech Republic

Moravia (formerly Moravian in Hungarian, Morava in Czech and Slovak, Morawy in Polish) is a historical region in the eastern part of present-day Czech Republic. Over the centuries Moravia (and thus Moravia-Silesia) has included part of the former province of Silesia, known as Moravia-Silesia. From a photographic point of view, the curved pattern of the Tuscan countryside can be seen.

Moravia Photo Tour attractions

In the heart of the region are the sedimentary basins of the Morava and Dyje rivers, at an altitude of 180-250 meters above sea level. In the west, the Czech-Morava hills rise to over 800 m, while the highest mountain, Praděd (Altvater in German), at 1,490 m, is in the north-west, in the Sudetes. Further south lies the Jeseníky plateau (400-600 m), which descends to 310 m (1,300 ft) at the headwaters of the Oder near Hranice na Moravě (Morava Gate), before rising to 1,322 m (1,322 ft) at Beskidek (Lysá hora, German: Kahlberg). These three ridges form part of the European watershed with the Morava Gate.

The Moravian Tuscany region of the Czech Republic is characterized by an endless landscape of curves stretching skywards. On the tour you will discover the beauty of southern Moravia with its rape and vineyards, chapels and windmills. Besides landscape photography, our passengers will also get a taste of the atmosphere in the Czech “beer towns” of Krušovice and Český Krumlov, along with delicious beers of course. We can practice capturing the ever-changing subject matter in the perfect locations for city photography.


April 23-26. 2023.
Lenght of tour: 4 days


1.000 €/person
5 spots left


Easy to complete
Recommended skills:
From beginner to pro


Small group
Min 3, Max 6 person + two tour guides

The price includes

We arrange everithing!

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We'll arrange the reservation, including breakfast and dinner!

We'll take care of everything!

One camera is enough and you're ready for the trip!

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Professional photo tech help and guidance throughout the tour!

During the tour the main focus is on photography, the program will be designed to ensure that we return home with as many and beautiful photos as possible at the end of the trip.

Tour description - Moravia Photo Tour

Day 1.

Morning departure from Nagykanizsa, via Győr to our accommodation in Strážnice. In the evening light we will photograph the rolling hills and flowering fields.

Day 2

At sunrise, we wait for the first rays of light on the nearby hills before returning to our hotel for a buffet breakfast. Our destinations include Josef Dufek vineyard, Knights Templar's vineyards, Tsunami and The Flying Carpet. As we approach our chosen locations, we'll understand why the photo spots have been given these surprisingly apt names. Dinner time at our comfortable accommodation will be a great opportunity to talk through our next day's sightseeing and beer day.

Day 3

We leave early in the morning, after breakfast we board the car and drive to the town of Český Krumlov, where the medieval atmosphere is guaranteed to enchant everyone, especially after sampling the local beer specialities. In the afternoon, we will take a walk through the streets of downtown Krušovice.

Day 4

At sunrise we will be out in the field to take pictures in the magical light. Back at the hotel, we will have breakfast and discuss the day's activities. The rest of the day will be spent at Stražovice, St. Barbara's Chapel, Šardice Valley, Magic Valley and The Middle of Nowhere looking for the best angle to take photos. The flowering rape fields will paint most of the pictures bright yellow, much to our delight. In the second half of the day we will explore two intact windmills, Chvalkovice windmill and Kunkovice windmill. In consultation with the group we will plan the afternoon, possibly visiting missed photo points or sightseeing and depart for Hungary in the early afternoon. Arrival in Nagykanizsa in the evening.

We reserve the right to change the program! The main purpose of our trip is photography. It’s to get the best possible photos in the best possible places. However, this sometimes requires sacrifices: unexpected situations – weather changes and other environmental factors – may overwrite the planned program. For us, participants’ safety is of the utmost importance: if a program is canceled or delayed, it will only be to provide the best possible experience.
If due to an unexpected event, a program cannot be completed at all at the announced time, the tour guide will try to reorganize and regroup the programs.
The most important thing for the organizers is to have fun, but the final decision is theirs and must be followed by all participants. Good health is a prerequisite for traveling. Serious cardiovascular problems, nervous and mental disorders can be disqualifying factors. Consult your doctor if your personal condition requires it.

Would you like to take professional photos too?

Our guides will show you what to do and how to do it. We work with each person individually. We adapt to your circumstances. If the weather or lighting conditions are not right, we will return to photograph your subject in the best conditions. One thing is certain: thanks to the memory of our camera (not to mention our own), the memory of the trip will stay with us forever.


During the tour we will use one accommodation in Strážnice, in a *** hotel. We will return here as a star tour.  Accommodation in double rooms. Rooms have bathroom, LCD TV, free Wifi. Breakfast and dinner in the hotel restaurant.

Tuscany photo tour guides

Krisztian Kovacs

Tour guide

Krisztián is a professional photographer and entrepreneur with many years of experience in photography. He has been traveling the world for many years to discover and capture as many landscapes as possible. His pictures are internationally recognized and have won awards in several competitions.

Zsolt Szabo

Tour guide

Zsolt is a professional bird and nature photographer. He loves northern countries and beautiful landscapes. He regularly runs photography tours in Lofoten and Iceland. His photos have been successfully featured in several photography competitions.

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April 23-26. 2023.

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