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Date: September 15-19. 2021.
Duration: 5 days
Price: 900 €/person
Availability: 4 spots left!
Group size: small group – 3-6 people + two tour guides
The Dolomites (a mountain range in the Alps) and their countryside have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2009. National parks, the more rugged limestone peaks of the Earth, alpine lakes with emerald green water, fairytale villages and gentle grassy meadows await you to capture them.

Date: February 20-27. 2023.
Duration: 8 days
Price: 2.600 €/person
Availability: 3 spots left
Group size: small group – 3-6 people + two tour guides
The Lofoten Islands on the Arctic Circle offer spectacular
opportunities for photographers. Dramatic landscapes, incredible
fjords, authentic fishing villages between crystal clear sea and vast
mountains characterize the countryside. Here you can meet the
Northern Light (Aurora Borealis) on Arctic beaches and beautiful

Date: March. 18-23. 2023.
Duration: 6 days
Price: 1.700 €/person
Availability: 3 spots left
Group size: small group – 3-6 people + two tour guides
Madeira is the island of eternal spring. The island has stunningly beautiful and wild landscapes, sparkling waterfalls, beautiful beaches and high mountains for landscape photographers. The world’s largest laurel forest, dramatic rock formations, colorful reefs and many other interesting sites that provide an unforgettable experience.

Date: April. 23-26. 2023.
Duration: 4 days
Price: 1000 €/person
Availability: 6 spots left!
Group size: small group – 3-6 people + two tour guides
Moravia (former Hungarian name: Moravia, Morava in Czech and Slovak, Morawy in Polish) is a historical region in the eastern part of present-day Czech Republic. Over the last few centuries, Moravia (and thus Moravia-Silesia) has included a part of the former Silesian province, the so-called Moravian Silesia. From a photographic point of view, we can discover the curved design of the Tuscan countryside.

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Krisztian Kovacs

Tour guide

I hiked, climbed a mountain, and then wanted to bring home what I see in the mountains, so photography came into my life as a hobby and then ten years later as a profession. I have already shared my experiences and what I have seen with the audience on several exhibitions and travel reports. Special awards, highlights and acceptances have followed one another in international competitions since I decided to obtain the FIAP (Fédération Internationale de ImArtArt Photographique) qualification in Hungarian. I want to show our passengers the exciting, varied world of landscape photography.

Zsolt Szabo

Tour guide

I started with bird photography, with which I achieved good results in domestic and foreign competitions. After a while, my interest turned to landscape photography. And two years ago, I also got a taste of the mysteries of photography with a drone.
My works have been successfully included in National Geographic, Nature Photographer of the Year, Magic Hungary, PCCS International Salon, Sony, vadon.ro, IBP Dreamscapes International Salon, MAFOSZ, FIAP, Pannonia Reflections, BPOTY and Also in WildLifePhoto competitions.
My photos are being made permanent exhibitions, and two of my books have recently been published in private.

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